Restorative dentistry refers to procedures that correct cosmetic or structural issues with your teeth. This type of dentistry overlaps with several other types of dentistry including cosmetic, surgical, and even orthodontic care in some cases. At Suwanee Center for Family Dentistry, we offer a range of restorative dental treatments. Here’s a look at just some of our options.

Dental Crowns

For cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth, dental crowns can be the perfect solution. Basically, the dentist starts by treating the issue. That may include filling cavities or doing root canals.

Then, the dentist fits a crown, which is basically a fake porcelain tooth, over your tooth. That gives you the look of a perfect new tooth, but if you prefer, you can also choose metal or gold crowns or caps instead.


A bridge is essentially a permanent partial denture. If you are missing several teeth and you don’t want to worry about removable dentures, you may want to consider a bridge. The dentist can anchor the bridge to existing teeth on either side of the gap, or you can have your bridge attached to implants.

Composite Fillings

Even relatively simple procedures such as composite fillings can be considered a type of restorative dentistry. Composite fillings are considered to be more attractive than other types of fillings as they create a seamless, natural look with the rest of your teeth. In the past, it was often only possible to get amalgam or metal fillings, which are often noticeable when you smile.


One of the main categories of restorative dentistry is endodontics. This is the study of dental pulp, and the most popular endodontic procedure is a root canal. However, this type of dentistry also includes other treatments that deal with the pulp of your teeth. The main goal of endodontics is to save your tooth and avoid an extraction.


In some cases, you may need periodontic treatment. This type of treatment deals with the structures in your mouth that support your teeth. That can include treating gum disease, putting in dental implants to support crowns, dealing with issues in the alveolar bone, and much more. Remember, a healthy mouth is about more than just healthy teeth. It’s essential to ensure that everything in your mouth is supporting the health of your teeth.

Prosthetic Dentistry

Another realm of restorative dentistry, prosthodontics deals with prosthetics in dentistry. The word prosthetic means an artificial part, and it can refer to everything from prosthetic limbs to heart valves. When it comes to your mouth, the traditional prosthetics were removable dentures, but this field has come a long way over the years. Now, it includes crowns, implants, removable partial dentures, bridges, and more. Your dentist works with you to help you decide which type of prosthetics are right for your situation.

Are you having oral pain? Do you have teeth that look unsightly? Are you ready to restore the beauty of your smile? Then, you may need restorative dentistry in Suwanee, GA.

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